The famous song “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” really accentuates the positives about taking in a ballgame with friends or family. They still serve Cracker Jacks, since the 1907 season, there’s a lot of tradition there. No other sport in the United States has that tradition.

The game is near perfect. A few things happening in the sport lately are truly trying to ruin the foundation of the game. The first awful thing happening in baseball is “the shift”. There used to be shifts for certain players over the years but now it’s reached epidemic proportions. Shifting after every batter is crazy and it does kill the spirit of the game. The shift needs to be modified so players can only shift so far, no matter the batter or circumstance.

Baseball has no clock. Think about that. That’s another great facet of the game. Does it take too long at times? Sure, so to solve that limit the roster size in September and make teams give a new roster for each series. That will take care of changing pitchers for every batter from the 7th inning on. It flat out makes it unwatchable if you’re at home.

One last time I think it’s important that some World Series games are designated 6 PM starts. Corporate support will always be there, but young fans can’t possibly stay baseball fans if they have to go to sleep in the third inning of a game. If you let your kid stay awake, often times the game ends past midnight and your child will be tired at school. This is an easy fix. You won’t lose any advertising and it’s a way to keep the networks at arm’s length. They’ve had too much say-so in the sports since the Bud Selig era.