If anything irks a fan base more than a player on their team not being able to perform when making massive amounts of money, it is when they release that player, are still paying him most of his salary and he all of a sudden starts playing well. That is the tale of Troy Tulowitzki, who was released in December by the Toronto Blue Jays after being injured for most of the last two seasons and is still on their books for $38 Million over the next three years.

Tulo signed an MLB $555,000 minimum contract with the Yankees in January and has two homers and a double in six at-bats in Spring Training. While the oft-injured former All-Star is far away from proving he will be able to stay healthy throughout this season, it is starting to appear that it was a good short-term gamble for New York instead of signing Manny Machado for $300 Million.  It will likely also annoy Blue Jays to no end.