It would be fitting if the battle for Dallas Keuchel came down to the New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies.

If you believe Las Vegas oddsmakers, the Yankees and Phillies have a reasonable shot at meeting in the World Series. According to Bovada, the Yankees have the third-best odds and the Phillies are at No. 5.

Both teams need pitching help, particularly the Phillies whose starting rotation has been a roller coaster ride in the early going.

Keuchel owns a career 3.66 ERA and a 1.25 whip to go along with a 76-63 record


Nick Pivetta’s recent six-inning, no-run, nine-strikeout performance against the Los Angeles Dodgers suggests the Phillies can survive without Kuechel. But it should be remembered that Pivetta’s strong outing only lowered his ERA to 6.14. The Phillies need major pitching. If the Phillies don’t land Keuchel, they will have to pursue a trade for a pitcher.

The Yankees are managing without Luis Severino but signing Keuchel would certainly put a charge into their postseason aspirations. Signing Keuchel would have been the kind of move that the late George Steinnbrenner would have made in his heyday.

Another reason for the Yankees to move aggressively is that they don’t have much potential help coming from the minor leagues.

Both of these teams will have to step up financially to land Keuchel, because the upstart Minnesota Twins and the surprisingly competitive Tampa Bay Rays are also interested.